Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Exercise 2: Doodling

“Lay some large sheets of paper and a sketchbook on a table.  Have pencils, pens, ballpoints, charcoal and felt tips readily to hand. Free your mind and make as many possible marks as… Continue reading

Life drawing

This week, I started back at life drawing classes (having previously done just two very short courses)  Felt a bit rusty, but am curious to see how it will feed into my OCA… Continue reading

Exercise 1: Holding pens and pencils

“Practise different ways of holding your pen or pencil to see how they affect the way you approach your drawing and what difference they make to the marks you make.” Graded pencils (brand:… Continue reading

Thoughts on: Francis Bacon

This evening, I watched a 1985 edition of The South Bank Show featuring Francis Bacon, who was due to have a retrospective at the Tate that year.  As I watched, I was aware of… Continue reading

What is a learning log?

As I understand it so far, from the study guide, OCA videos, and student website & forum, it’s (in no particular order)… • a personal record of aims, experiences, thoughts, feelings, analysis & reflections… Continue reading

Feeling my way

Despite the fact my course book arrived almost a week ago, I am still at the reading and thinking stage, with no practical work to show.  This is partly because the sketchbook and… Continue reading

OCA Drawing 1 on Facebook

For any other students of Drawing 1, you may be interested to know that there’s a Facebook page dedicated to the course.  You can find it here: Hopefully, it will be another… Continue reading

And so it begins…

A big box of tricks arrives, all wrapped up in red tissue paper.  My course materials are here and, after what feels like a very long wait, I can begin my degree with… Continue reading