Feeling my way

Despite the fact my course book arrived almost a week ago, I am still at the reading and thinking stage, with no practical work to show.  This is partly because the sketchbook and other materials I’ve ordered haven’t come yet, but also because I want to get a sense of the shape of the course, and how it might work for me.

I’m reading through the course guides, exploring the student website, reading and posting on the forums, and trying to work out the best way of tackling the learning log.

The latter seems to be a cloudy issue for many students.  Online or in book form?  Ordered chronologically or by category?  What should I put in?  What should I leave out?  Having read many different accounts, I  think I’m going to keep this blog as my main log book.  It’s easier to set out categories more clearly, especially bearing in mind that both my tutor and future assessors will need to find their way around here.  However, alongside this, I intend to keep a ring-binder for a hand-written version of what I post online, initially at least, even if only for myself.  That way, I can see which suits me better.  I have always loved the tactile human quality of sketchbooks and diaries so, from a heart perspective, the physical copy would seem an obvious option.  That said, given that this degree is a whole new world for me, clarity is a real consideration, too – hence this blog.

In addition to these more tangible matters, I’ve been thinking about how I respond to art.  Obviously, there will be a strong thread of critical analysis running through this degree.  Faced with the reality of that now, though, I’m aware that my responses tend to be emotional, visceral or sensory, rather than analytical.  So that’s a skill I will need to develop.  Hopefully my natural way of reading images won’t be a negative trait though, in the course context, as I think those responses are vital for making the connection between my external/intellectual reactions and the more subliminal decisions that guide my own work.