Life drawing

This week, I started back at life drawing classes (having previously done just two very short courses)  Felt a bit rusty, but am curious to see how it will feed into my OCA work, and vice versa.  Before I went, I warmed up at home with a quick negative space figure drawing (from a photograph), prompted by one of the OCA’s own videos (which can be seen here

Negative space figure drawing

I tried another one once I’d got to the class, but think it suffered a bit from “starting a new course” anxiety!

3 minute negative space drawing

And here are the rest of the drawings from that evening…



Had to abandon the above drawing before I had a chance to ‘ground’ the feet, as the pose ended.  I do struggle to work quickly.

Thirty minute drawing

This one was my favourite of the evening.  I really liked the pose, and feel that it has some weight to it.  Part of what achieved that, I think, was the way her hair fell forward.

Nineteen more weeks to go – that’s more than double what I’ve done so far… should be interesting!