Monthly Archive: October, 2012

Life drawing: soft pastels and biro

The latest collection of work from life drawing class.  Firstly, the soft pastels…. I felt quite disheartened after drawing these two.  The tutor was encouraging us to work on tone, rather than line,… Continue reading

Check and log: Mark-making

How did holding your pen or pencil in a different way affect your drawing? Holding the pen or pencil near the bottom gave the greatest control.  Holding them at the top end gave… Continue reading

Research point: Eric Ravilious

Find out more about this artist and his techniques. Eric Ravilious (1903-1942) of Sussex, studied at the Royal College of Art in London, where his contemporaries included Henry Moore & Edward Bawden. He… Continue reading

Barbara Hepworth drawings

The Guardian’s online Art & Design page today featured two pieces on drawings made by Barbara Hepworth in NHS hospitals, in the late 1940’s.  Fascinating to have a glimpse into that world, and… Continue reading

Research point: Vincent van Gogh

Find a van Gogh pen and ink drawing, preferably of an outdoor, natural scene. Look at the variety of mark-making used and the expressive way in which these marks are made.  Make notes… Continue reading

Life drawing: ink

In tandem with the OCA course, my life drawing classes are motoring on.  Last week’s class focused on soft pastels.  No matter what I tried, they just weren’t working for me on the… Continue reading

The Sketchbook Project

Thought this might be of interest to others on Drawing 1 – a blog post on the recent London exhibition of books from The Sketchbook Project.  What a brilliant idea!

Exercise 5b: Trying new media

Supports: cartridge paper 170gsm, watercolour paper 300gsm, black paper, tin foil Tools: toothbrush, dried aquilegia seed heads and stems, string, apple stem, stick, bubble wrap, air blower, garden cane, cotton buds Mediums: water-soluble… Continue reading

Exercise 5a: Line and other marks

Draw lots of 5cm squares in your sketchbook.  Using pencil & pens, and charcoal or graphite, practise several different marks in each square.  Think about intensity, texture, smoothness, pattern, length, & repetition.  Try… Continue reading

Exercise 4: Using charcoal

Draw a few larger boxes in your sketchbook.  Using a variety of sizes of charcoal in each box, experiment by: drawing lines of varying thicknesses doing blocks of shading in different grades of… Continue reading