Life drawing: soft pastels and biro

The latest collection of work from life drawing class.  Firstly, the soft pastels….

soft pastel 1

soft pastel 2

I felt quite disheartened after drawing these two.  The tutor was encouraging us to work on tone, rather than line, but I found my tendency was to do the reverse.   I think part of the problem stemmed from working in a colour medium because, as I said in my last post, I find it harder to create tone in colour.  Also, although I like pastels, I do find the blending of them to be problematic.  I lose clarity of colour very easily with them.

For the final drawing that night, I decided to relax and do what came naturally instead.  This was the result.

soft pastel 3

While there are still things I’m not happy with, this one seemed to come a bit easier.  I approached it trying not to worry about the end result, and consequently felt a little more relaxed as I worked on it.

For the most recent class, we focused on biro.  Can’t say I felt overjoyed at the prospect, as my cursory dabbling with biro, in the mark-making exercises, had proved less than effective.  However, I was pleasantly surprised.  I liked the speed and detail of it.

biro 1

It did feel a bit strange to use, at first, and I think the results were rather more rigid than I might have liked.

biro 2

One of the main difficulties, of course, is that when you ‘go wrong’ with a biro, the mistakes remain.  No going back.

biro 3

Despite that, though, I tried to focus on some of what I’ve been learning in the early stages of Drawing 1.  I even introduced a little hatching into some of my drawings!

biro 4

The 3 minute sketch shown above was actually two separate sketches drawn close together.  Looking at them afterwards, though, they didn’t seem so unconnected.  As quick and scribbled as they were, I rather liked them.  The figure sketch was one I did while most people were packing up to leave.  I was having a conversation with the person beside me and, consequently, wasn’t thinking too much about what I was drawing.  There might be a lesson in there, I think.  The longer and more considered version of the above looks like this…

biro 5

No life drawing this week, due to half-term.  The next one up features graphite and soft pencil.