Personal project: portrait

After completing the Boxes & Books exercise, I was feeling quite disheartened, and wanted to prove to myself that I could actually draw something other than a few off-kilter cuboids!  One of my favourite personal projects recently has been the Julia Kay Portrait Party group on Flickr, where members add photos of themselves for people to work from.  There are no restrictions on medium or style, so it’s a good antidote to the more (necessarily) prescriptive confines of the course.

Jane, cropped version

This is the photo from which I worked.  I used water-soluble graphite sticks for it (2B and 9B) – my first proper outing with them.  I liked them very much, as it’s possible to get some fairly fine marks, despite their chunkiness, and the washes have a lovely range of subtle to deep tones.  However, on finishing the portrait, I felt one side was more successful than the other, so I tried cropping it out of curiosity, and preferred the format that way.

This was the full version.

Jane, full version