One Lovely Blog Award

My warmest thanks to Charmaine of life art notes for nominating me for a One Lovely Blog Award – such a surprise, and a lovely thing for her to do.

Part of receiving this award involves writing seven random things about myself.  Given that it’s relatively early and I haven’t drunk enough tea yet (see number 7), I hope I can be forgiven if it’s not the most scintillating collection of facts…

Random Things About Me

1. Last time I moved house, half a ton of books came with me.  My other half worked that one out.  He carried most of them…

2.  I’ve been a massive fan of Kate Bush since her very first record.

3.  My favourite writer is Angela Carter (closely followed by Anais Nin).

4.  I’ve been a vegetarian for over thirty years, but am allergic to Quorn (often offered as the vegetarian ‘option’ in cafes).

5.  On sunny days, I always walk in the shade.  It’s semi-pathological.

6.  As a child, I used to make miniature newspapers.

7. I drink copious amounts of tea.  Seriously.

In return, I’m nominating the following five blogs for this award.  They, along with many others, are a constant source of inspiration.

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