Check and log: Enlarging an image

How successful were you in copying the lines from the smaller squares to the larger squares?

I think I copied them reasonably well, in that there are no glaring disparities.  Sometimes, when working on the larger versions, it was hard to be absolutely precise with curved lines.  I handled this by mentally marking where I would begin and end those lines by ‘hovering’ my pencil along just above where they would be, to get used to the movement of putting down those lines.

Harder than copying the actual lines was drawing up the initial grids.  Doing so felt like more of a mathematical exercise than my brain could handle comfortably!  I found it confusing trying to work out the ratio aspects between the smaller and larger grids.

Are you satisfied with your larger replica of the image? What would you do differently another time?

I’m satisfied in as much as they were clearly larger versions of the smaller ones.  Working from simple line drawings helped this.  However, it did seem quite an unnatural way of drawing – quite mechanical and a little awkward.  It’s not a technique I would want to use for very detailed pieces, as there seems to be much  potential for confusion.  That said, it could be useful when wanting to enlarge a simple image from a photograph or from a much smaller sketch.

Things I would do differently another time:

• work out the grid a bit more clearly before starting

• take more care to ensure that all of the subject will fit within both grids

• possibly use more squares for images that have lots of curved lines, as I think it would be helpful to have smaller amounts of information in each square