Exercise 19: Enlarging an existing drawing

Draw a thumbnail sketch of a simple object in your sketchbook.  Draw a grid of squares in pencil over your sketch.  Draw another grid of larger squares on a larger piece of paper, and copy the information contained in each of the small squares onto the larger grid.  

enlarging an existing image


I ran into difficulties early on, trying to work out the comparative ratios for the two drawings.  I found the drawing up of the grids quite confusing and seemed to over-complicate matters.  Then I cut the top off the mug anyway!  That may have been because I drew the grid before I drew the mug.  I’m sure there was a good reason for doing so at the time…….

Even so, the method did work, as the larger drawing is obviously a copy of the smaller one.  It felt an unnatural way of drawing, though, and any mistakes in the original picture are magnified in the larger version.