Assignment 1: Tutor report follow-up

Following up on points raised in the tutor report for Assignment 1, I’ve been taking another look at measuring (thinking back to the Books & Boxes exercise in Part 1).

I began by doing as my tutor had suggested, and trying to make brief sketches of an arrangement in small boxes on the page, to see if I could draw them without chopping off the edges.


books and boxes revisited

books and boxes revisited


In most of the boxes, I found that I was focusing on one area more than others, which obviously led to mistakes.  For example, I might find the mid-point from left to right, but then forget to address the mid-point from top to bottom.  In other words, I need to tighten up my comparative measurements.  I had been making the mistake of thinking that if I found a starting point, that I would be able to do the rest by eye.  I couldn’t.  By the last box, I was finally getting somewhere.  I found the mid-point from top to bottom and from left to right.  Also, I used the pencil to measure angles using the hands-of-the-clock method.

For the simplest kind of comparative measuring technique, this video was useful.  It shows how to get the basic details of height and width using a pencil as a measure and then mark them on the paper.  It stressed the importance of keeping the arm fully extended each time, and of keeping one eye closed.  It went on to show how to choose an element to use as a comparative measurement for other parts of the composition (here, he used the neck of the bottle).  All very basic stuff, but useful to have it re-stated.

In addition, looking forward to the part of the course in which I’ll be focusing on perspective, I’ve ordered Philip Metzger’s book, Perspective Without Pain. Let’s hope it lives up to the title.

Thinking about hatching and cross-hatching, I found this guide.  Again, simple stuff, but I find it useful to have visual prompts.  In time, I’m hoping these aspects will become almost second nature.  It does feel like taking baby steps, in ways, but that’s not such a bad thing.

Finally, I’ve been making a few notes on the artists suggested by my tutor.  Some interesting stuff there.  I’m planning to use or adapt some of their techniques in course exercises as I go along, and will flag up when I do so here on my blog.