Check and log: Exploring coloured media

Which of the media you have experimented with did you find the most expressive?  

Ink, coloured pencil washes, hard and soft pastels.  In short, those that are either liquid (inherently, or through the use of washes), or that are easy to blend.  Pondering why I have answered this way, I realise I equate ‘expressive’ with ‘fluid’.  On reflection, I realise that may not always be the case.  For example, a liner pen with a fine nib could be used in sharp, jabbing movements, or in broad scrawling trails… the result would expressive, if not liquid.  Therefore, expressiveness would seem to emanate from the person and their handling of a medium, rather than from the medium itself.

Pros and cons of each medium?

Previously outlined in my post on exploring coloured media.

Which medium do you think lends itself to very detailed work?

Ink, coloured pencils, fine liner pens, biros… anything that has a fine tip.  All lend themselves to making fine lines and small marks.