Reflection: Looking ahead

~ Géza Faragó, Slim Woman with a Cat, 1913

~ Géza Faragó, Slim Woman with a Cat, 1913

As I was making notes for Assignment 2, a few thoughts came to mind about the course in general, and this blog in particular.

One of the things I’ve struggled with has been the feeling that I’m running to keep up with someone else’s agenda. Hard to avoid absolutely when doing a course such as this – but I think there are things I could do to help myself.

The course is set by someone else, by necessity. However, I think it might be fruitful for me to see it as simply a starting point. The course is what I make of it, and I feel a need to make it more personal to me. So, I’ve come up with the following possibilities:


Keep a personal sketchbook for non-course-related drawings

Blog Features

Featured Artist (with an emphasis on contemporary artists… but not exclusively)

Monthly Theme (looking at work by other artists on a given theme, and… hopefully… adding something of my own, even if it’s a five-minute sketch)

Blog of the Week/Month (there are so many fine and fascinating blogs, I think it would be good to feature some here)

Book/Magazine/Website of the Month

Some of these ideas may work out better than others, but I think each has its merits.  So, once Assignment 2 is completed, I’ll make a start….