Monthly Archive: November, 2013

Check and log: Perspective

What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings? establishing eye level, particularly outdoors (given the obstacles of distance, hills, and so on). Naturally, incorrect diagnosis of eye level leads to myriad mistakes… Continue reading

Exercise 40: Angular perspective

Make a line drawing of a building or several buildings seen corner-on. Use every possible vertical or horizontal reference to ensure that receding lines are drawn at correct angles. Then, draw in your… Continue reading

Steps backwards… steps forwards

Earlier today, I found a folder of life drawings I made last winter and promptly forgot all about. I thought I’d post them here, by way of comparison with what I produce on… Continue reading

Exercise 39: Parallel perspective – an interior view

The brief for this exercise was to make a line drawing of the view through a doorway inside a building, checking the angles of all receding lines against the horizontal and vertical lines… Continue reading

Check and log: Landscape drawing

In what way did you simplify and select in your study? Were you able to focus on simple shapes and patterns amid all the visual information available to you?  I looked for shapes… Continue reading

Research point: Claude Lorrain and Turner

Look at the work of Claude Lorrain and Turner. Write notes on how those artists divide their landscapes into foreground, middle ground, and background. The division of a landscape into foreground, middle ground,… Continue reading

Back to life drawing class

This week saw the return of life drawing classes. As it had been a while, I did a couple of warm up sketches at home first. The charcoal one (above) came out a… Continue reading

Exercise 38: Plotting space through composition and structure

Using A3 paper, and graphite and water-soluble pencils, draw a picture establishing a foreground, middle ground, and background. Convey the impression of great distance by emphasising aerial perspective. Prior to starting this, I… Continue reading