Check and log: Perspective

What problems did you find in executing perspective drawings?

  • establishing eye level, particularly outdoors (given the obstacles of distance, hills, and so on). Naturally, incorrect diagnosis of eye level leads to myriad mistakes in drawings. 
  • seeing verticals clearly (can be distorted by being too close to a building, or simply be ‘out’ due to age and settlement).
  • harder to read angles the further one moves away from eye level (greater room for error).
  • a mental block on the topic… something I need to work through.

Make notes on the merits of using, or not using, rulers to guide you.


  • much easier to draw ‘correct’ lines using a ruler
  • useful to use as a guide (holding it near the line one wants to draw, rather than leaning the drawing implement against it)
  • can be used to approximate angles when held at arm’s length


  • over-reliance on rulers for drawing straight lines can result in drawings that appear too clinical
  • ruler-drawn lines lack a sense of the artist’s hand behind the line.