Monthly Archive: January, 2014

Exhibition: Outline South West / Anita Reynolds

In September 2013, I went to the Outline South West exhibition, at Harbour House in Kingsbridge, Devon. This tracked the first half of a project by printmaker Anita Reynolds, in which she set out… Continue reading

Check and log: Drawing trees

How many different tree types have you drawn? Hard to be specific, but about eight so far. As stated elsewhere, I was unsure as to most of the types I drew, but there… Continue reading

Exercise 47: Study of several trees

Spend 1-2 hours on this. Study a group of trees. Introduce colour. Look for a point of interest. Work in broad tonal areas. Don’t get stuck with detail.  I chose a setting which… Continue reading

Exercise 46: Larger study of an individual tree

Spend at least an hour on this drawing. Use A3 cartridge paper and a fine drawing medium. Work fast and note what makes the tree distinctive. Twigs and branches do not need to… Continue reading

Exercise 45: Sketching an individual tree

The object of this exercise was to reduce the tree to its simplest parts, both in outlines and in shading. A useful way to set about drawing trees for the first time. The… Continue reading

Check and log: Townscapes

How did you use a limited colour palette to create a sense of depth? Mostly by use of aerial perspective: more detail and clearer mark-making in foreground, lessening in the mid-ground and background;… Continue reading

Exercise 44: Drawing statues

A simple remit for this exercise – draw statues! The first one that sprang to mind was the 1946 Henry Moore sculpture to be found in the gardens at Dartington Hall. I’ve admired… Continue reading