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Assignment 1: Tutor report follow-up

Following up on points raised in the tutor report for Assignment 1, I’ve been taking another look at measuring (thinking back to the Books & Boxes exercise in Part 1). I began by… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Tutor report

I received my first OCA tutor report yesterday.  To my great relief, it didn’t say ‘what on earth are you thinking of… you can’t do this!’  Nope, not even once. Here’s what it… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Check and log/Reflection

Did you do enough preliminary work before starting on your final pieces? In general, I would say I did.  In the case of both my finished pieces, I found that I changed my… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Made objects

  I’d had the idea for what to use in this drawing some time ago (and actually wrote it down at the time… a practise I’m trying to adopt increasingly).  The boots struck… Continue reading

Assignment 1: Natural forms

One thing this first assignment taught me – it would be possible to plan forever.  Past a point, however, planning becomes procrastination.  Eventually, it’s necessary to put pen/pencil/pastel/tool of choice to paper.  I… Continue reading