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Check and log: Mark-making

How did holding your pen or pencil in a different way affect your drawing? Holding the pen or pencil near the bottom gave the greatest control.  Holding them at the top end gave… Continue reading

Exercise 5b: Trying new media

Supports: cartridge paper 170gsm, watercolour paper 300gsm, black paper, tin foil Tools: toothbrush, dried aquilegia seed heads and stems, string, apple stem, stick, bubble wrap, air blower, garden cane, cotton buds Mediums: water-soluble… Continue reading

Exercise 5a: Line and other marks

Draw lots of 5cm squares in your sketchbook.  Using pencil & pens, and charcoal or graphite, practise several different marks in each square.  Think about intensity, texture, smoothness, pattern, length, & repetition.  Try… Continue reading

Exercise 4: Using charcoal

Draw a few larger boxes in your sketchbook.  Using a variety of sizes of charcoal in each box, experiment by: drawing lines of varying thicknesses doing blocks of shading in different grades of… Continue reading

Exercise 3: Mark-making techniques

This exercise took far longer than I’d anticipated.  Initially, I found myself feeling I should hurry through it, mindful of all those other exercises looming.  However, I realised pretty quickly that this was… Continue reading

Exercise 2: Doodling

“Lay some large sheets of paper and a sketchbook on a table.  Have pencils, pens, ballpoints, charcoal and felt tips readily to hand. Free your mind and make as many possible marks as… Continue reading

Exercise 1: Holding pens and pencils

“Practise different ways of holding your pen or pencil to see how they affect the way you approach your drawing and what difference they make to the marks you make.” Graded pencils (brand:… Continue reading