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Check and log: Basic shapes & fundamental form

Are the objects in your drawings the correct size and shape in relation to each other? It varies.  Often I found that even a small mistake in one area of a drawing had a… Continue reading

Exercise 8: Supermarket shop

Using about six objects, create a still life group based on the sorts of items you might have in a shopping bag.  Include a couple of cylinders such as cans, plus some boxes… Continue reading

Exercise 7: Jars and jugs

I felt trepidatious about doing this exercise, after the boxes/books one – not feeling confident about my ability to draw the most basic forms.  However, it felt a little easier once I started,… Continue reading

Exercise 6: Boxes and books

Choose at least 6 boxes & books of different sizes.  Places objects close together, at angles. Using just line, describe the rectangular surfaces. Draw as if you can see through the boxes. How… Continue reading