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Exercise 15: Observing negative space and perspective

I did as the course book asked and set up a collection of objects, some overlapping slightly.  I used a pencil for the first couple of sketches, then switched to felt tips.  As… Continue reading

Check and log: Still life

Do you think it is easier to suggest three dimensions on man-made or natural objects?  Try to explain your answer. My first impulse was to answer this by saying that I found the… Continue reading

Exercise 14: Composition of natural objects

This drawing was a long time coming.  Between my shoulder problems and a mental block, I began to think it would never appear.  To complicate matters further, I chose to do it in… Continue reading

Exercise 13: Still life with made objects

Create a still life composition from a small themed selection of objects.  With a pen, pencil, or ballpoint, use a technique such as hatching.  Draw 2 or 3 thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook… Continue reading