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Check and log: Texture

Have you discovered any new ways of using your drawing tools to depict surface and texture? Two main ways.  The first, I tried to make looser marks – for example, in the basket… Continue reading

Exercise 18: A drawing with textures

As I said in the texture samples exercise, it’s been difficult to find interestingly textured objects around the house – yet more so when trying to put together a composition of several of… Continue reading

Exercise 17: Frottage

    Thoroughly enjoyed the frottage exercise.  A most addictive pursuit. It was curious to see how different some textures looked when reproduced on paper via frottage, the texture of three-dimensional objects suddenly… Continue reading

Exercise 16: Experimenting with texture

Collect a range of objects with different textures.  Make a series of 5cm squares in your sketchbook.  Use pencil or pen to experiment with depicting the textures.     I used a variety… Continue reading