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Check and log: Detailed observation

Which drawing media did you find most effective to use, for which effects? I found a fibre-tipped pen excellent for making a line drawing.  Going straight in, without using pencil to mark out… Continue reading

Exercise 24: Stipples and dots

Draw a textured object on A4 cartridge paper with a ballpoint or drawing pen.  Spend at least an hour on this drawing.  Look at pattern, line and shape.  Also look at shadows and… Continue reading

Exercise 23: Getting tone and depth in detail

Select an object and build up tones using pencils and hatching/cross-hatching techniques.  Use smooth A3 paper and a variety of soft pencils.   I approached this drawing with trepidation as hatching and I… Continue reading

Exercise 22: Line drawing detail

Using a fibre-tipped pen, select an object with interesting detail.  On a sheet of A4 paper, create a line drawing of the object.  Look at the patterning, thickness of line, texture and shape… Continue reading