Category Archive: Project 4: Drawing fruit and vegetables in colour

Check and log: Drawing fruit and vegetables in colour

Your composition should occupy most of the paper’s surface. ¬†How much space do you have left? Still life with hatched tone: I chose a close crop for this picture, so there isn’t a… Continue reading

Exercise 29: Drawing using oil pastels

As directed for this drawing, I used oil pastels on A3 paper (in this case, a dusty pink sugar paper). I chose a selection of vegetables that offered contrasts in colour, shape and… Continue reading

Exercise 28: Using markers or dip pens

This exercise suggested using marker pens or dip pen and ink, with an emphasis on brilliance of colour. Before doing the ‘finished’ drawing, I tried three different compositions, using different media and techniques.… Continue reading

Exercise 27: Using hatching to create tone

This exercise asked for a still life where the tone would be created using hatching. From the limited experience I’d had of hatching, I knew that this would be likely to take quite… Continue reading