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Check and log: Drawing plants and flowers

  How will your experiments with negative space help your observational drawing in the future? Understanding negative space better greatly increases the amount of information available, so my experiments with it will help… Continue reading

Exercise 32: Drawing with other colour media

Make some drawings of the same subject as before in other colour media.  Experiment with mixing the media.  Reflect on how the task changes with the different media.  How does the change in… Continue reading

Exercise 31: Plants and flowers in coloured pencil

As soon as I read the requirements for this drawing, I knew it was likely to be a mighty task. Coloured pencil, control and detail, on an A2 sheet of paper –  it… Continue reading

Exercise 30: Negative space in a plant

    For this exercise, I used a black marker pen on A3 paper. As directed, I studied the plant carefully, looking at all the space around it and between the stalks and… Continue reading