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Check and log: Landscape drawing

In what way did you simplify and select in your study? Were you able to focus on simple shapes and patterns amid all the visual information available to you?  I looked for shapes… Continue reading

Exercise 38: Plotting space through composition and structure

Using A3 paper, and graphite and water-soluble pencils, draw a picture establishing a foreground, middle ground, and background. Convey the impression of great distance by emphasising aerial perspective. Prior to starting this, I… Continue reading

Exercise 37: Drawing cloud formations

Draw tonal studies of cloud formations in charcoal, oil pastel and conte with the aid of a putty rubber. Draw quickly and try to give volume to the clouds. Clouds are harder to… Continue reading

Exercise 36: 360˚studies

Choose an expansive landscape with an open view in all directions. Start one drawing looking north.  Use your viewfinder to find a focal point, frame your view and complete a 15 minute drawing.… Continue reading

Exercise 35: A sketchbook walk

The brief for this exercise was to make four sketches somewhere I like – so I opted for a late afternoon at Dartington Hall. For the most part, I stuck to the ‘don’t rub… Continue reading