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Steps backwards… steps forwards

Earlier today, I found a folder of life drawings I made last winter and promptly forgot all about. I thought I’d post them here, by way of comparison with what I produce on… Continue reading

Back to life drawing class

This week saw the return of life drawing classes. As it had been a while, I did a couple of warm up sketches at home first. The charcoal one (above) came out a… Continue reading

Catching up…

Since I’ve been largely out of action course-wise in recent weeks (thanks to damaging arm and shoulder tendons whilst hoovering of all things… ‘Housework – just say no’), I thought I’d take the… Continue reading

Recent life drawings

Life drawing classes have stopped for the Christmas break, so it seems a good time to post some of my recent work from them.  The first three pictures are the ones with which… Continue reading

Life drawing and reflection

Work on the course has ground to a virtual halt this week, research point aside.  This is largely due to health stuff, so can’t be helped… but it is frustrating.  I do worry… Continue reading

Life drawing: soft pastels and biro

The latest collection of work from life drawing class.  Firstly, the soft pastels…. I felt quite disheartened after drawing these two.  The tutor was encouraging us to work on tone, rather than line,… Continue reading

Life drawing: ink

In tandem with the OCA course, my life drawing classes are motoring on.  Last week’s class focused on soft pastels.  No matter what I tried, they just weren’t working for me on the… Continue reading

Life drawing

This week, I started back at life drawing classes (having previously done just two very short courses)  Felt a bit rusty, but am curious to see how it will feed into my OCA… Continue reading