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Reflection: Looking ahead

As I was making notes for Assignment 2, a few thoughts came to mind about the course in general, and this blog in particular. One of the things I’ve struggled with has been… Continue reading

Research point: Animals in the Renaissance

Look at how Renaissance masters such as Leonardo da Vinci and Durer depicted animals. The expansive mood of the Renaissance saw a growing emphasis on the secular life.  Art mirrored this, and was… Continue reading

Reflection: Time, unfinished work, and the need for change

As mentioned in my previous post, increasingly I’m realising that I need to make changes in the way I work. It seems that my natural mode of drawing is detailed, careful… and slow.… Continue reading

Reflection: Thoughts between one part and the next

With Part 1 of the course behind me, and Part 2 beckoning, it seems a good time to reflect and look forward… Part 1 was many things. New – I hadn’t studied for… Continue reading

The perils of prolixity

Found this article interesting, from The Guardian (27 January 2013): It talks about the minefield of ‘International Art English’, the labyrinthine wordplay so often used in certain sections of the art world.… Continue reading


More time to reflect lately.  Have come up with the following intentions: remember the joy of drawing play more be less precious with my sketchbook (i.e. use it) sketch more (see above) do… Continue reading

Catching up…

Since I’ve been largely out of action course-wise in recent weeks (thanks to damaging arm and shoulder tendons whilst hoovering of all things… ‘Housework – just say no’), I thought I’d take the… Continue reading

Recent life drawings

Life drawing classes have stopped for the Christmas break, so it seems a good time to post some of my recent work from them.  The first three pictures are the ones with which… Continue reading

Research point, part 2: Drawing in the style of Patrick Caulfield

On the face of it, attempting a drawing in the style of Patrick Caulfield  would seem a relatively easy task.  His work is notable for its apparent simplicity and lack of fussy detail.… Continue reading

What is a learning log?

As I understand it so far, from the study guide, OCA videos, and student website & forum, it’s (in no particular order)… • a personal record of aims, experiences, thoughts, feelings, analysis & reflections… Continue reading