Research point: Artists who work in series with the landscape ~ Part 3: George Shaw

There are several reasons I’ve chosen this artist for the third in this series of posts: I wanted to look at an artist with whom I’ve only recently become familiar I thought it… Continue reading

Research point: Artists who work in series with the landscape ~ Part 2: Paul Nash

The second artist in this series of research posts was suggested to me by my tutor. I’m unsure as to whether or not the following will qualify as a ‘series’ – it is… Continue reading

Research point: Artists who work in series with the landscape ~ Part 1: Claude Monet

For this research point, I’ll be looking at three artists over three posts: one suggested by the course book, one suggested by my tutor, and one of my own choosing, who I feel… Continue reading

Exercise 36: 360˚studies

Choose an expansive landscape with an open view in all directions. Start one drawing looking north.  Use your viewfinder to find a focal point, frame your view and complete a 15 minute drawing.… Continue reading

Exercise 35: A sketchbook walk

The brief for this exercise was to make four sketches somewhere I like – so I opted for a late afternoon at Dartington Hall. For the most part, I stuck to the ‘don’t rub… Continue reading

Research point: Different artists’ depictions of landscape

Look at and research different artists depictions of landscape. Make notes in your learning log. For this research point, I’ve chosen to look at three artists – two with whom I’m fairly familiar… Continue reading

Assignment 2: Tutor report

Here is the tutor report for Assignment 2.  My responses are typed in blue italics. _________________________________________ Overall Comments Thank you for submitting Assignment 2 for Drawing 1. It has been an absolute joy… Continue reading

Assignment 2

The second assignment asked for a number of criteria to be met: •  an understanding of the use of colour in drawing •  an understanding of the most appropriate choice of medium for… Continue reading

Reflection: Looking ahead

As I was making notes for Assignment 2, a few thoughts came to mind about the course in general, and this blog in particular. One of the things I’ve struggled with has been… Continue reading

Check and log: Drawing animals

What were the main challenges of drawing animals? The main one was not having instant access to any animals, no longer having any pets.  Thankfully, however, we have friends with animals, so relied… Continue reading