Monthly Archive: January, 2013

The perils of prolixity

Found this article interesting, from The Guardian (27 January 2013): It talks about the minefield of ‘International Art English’, the labyrinthine wordplay so often used in certain sections of the art world.… Continue reading


Reblogging this post from Colin Connaughton as it’s good to be reminded of the info, and to have it here in my learning log. Thanks, Colin!


More time to reflect lately.  Have come up with the following intentions: remember the joy of drawing play more be less precious with my sketchbook (i.e. use it) sketch more (see above) do… Continue reading

Catching up…

Since I’ve been largely out of action course-wise in recent weeks (thanks to damaging arm and shoulder tendons whilst hoovering of all things… ‘Housework – just say no’), I thought I’d take the… Continue reading

Exercise 13: Still life with made objects

Create a still life composition from a small themed selection of objects.  With a pen, pencil, or ballpoint, use a technique such as hatching.  Draw 2 or 3 thumbnail sketches in your sketchbook… Continue reading

Check and log: Reflected light

What are the difficulties in separating cast shadow from reflected light and shade? Less defined shapes are harder to decipher.  Therefore, the brighter the light source, the more straightforward it is to read… Continue reading